MORGAS Specialty Fluids

MORGAS ™ Specialty Fluids

MORGAS ™ Specialty Fluids formulated with premium base stocks and highly effective additives to help achieve optimum performance as a chain saw bar and chain lubricant. Bar and Chain Oil is formulated to resist dripping and throw-off. It protects the bar, chain and sprocket against wear and prevents rusting and reduces friction and heat build-up on cutting chain and guide bar. Bar and Chain Oil can be used at a wide range of temperature, and maintains superior performance in cold weather.



  • Extends bar, chain and sprocket life
  • Reduces wear and prevents rust
  • Resists dripping
  • Superior low temperature performance
  • MORGAS Bar & Chain Oil
  • MORGAS Tractor Fluid J303
  • 5 GAL PAIL
  • 55 GAL DRUMS
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