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Hydraulic Fluids - MORGAS ™MORGAS OIL

MORGAS ™ Hydraulic Fluids



MORGAS ™ Economy Hydraulic Oils were developed as an economical, general purpose anti-wear, rust, corrosion and
oxidation inhibited oil. Economy Hydraulic Oils are suitable for use where service requirements are normal to moderate and long-term heavy-duty protection is not critical.



  • Good anti-foam protection
  • Economical for older leaky systems
  • Great rust and corrosion protection
 granel MorGas Hydraulic AW 37  ISO 37
 granel MorGas Hydraulic AW 10 ISO 10
 granel MorGas Hydraulic AW 32 ISO 32
 granel MorGas Hydraulic AW 46 ISO 46
 granel MorGas Hydraulic AW 68 ISO 68
granel5 GAL PAIL             cubeta
granel55 GAL DRUMS      tambo
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