Our Company

MORGAS™  is a Registered Trademark of Golden Lubricants LLC, In The State Of Delaware USA, With Our Only Corporate office Located at 1333 Burr Ridge Pkwy, suite 200, Burr Ridge, IL, 60527.

morgas oil - CEO

Our CEO- Fred Isbaih: Serial entrepreneur with unique vision, has been in the Technology business since 2001 in one of the family owned companies, Developed GPS tracking system device & proprietary softwares. He brings a great understanding of the Internet market and a successful track record. He is One Of The Top Global Marketing Strategists in the world. Utilizing The latest cyber technologies along with our CEO’s Expertise to reinforce our company’s Infrastructure head to toe has given us a leverage over other competitors and allowed us to Create a very fast growing organized company.

img-displayOver the years we have formed an alliance with several largest blenders in the Us with STATE OF THE ART Facilities to dramatically increase the geographic area to which we can competitively supply our high-quality products to the national and international markets. Establishing such a strategic partnerships allows us to provide the best global and domestic shipping solutions that showed significant results of cost efficiency that allows our clients  to have a high-quality product with the most competitive price in the global market.

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