Why MorGas ™?

Morgas™ Instant Oil Change, Tire, battery & Parts (MOTB & Parts) offers you an ideal franchise opportunity.

The MOTP franchise is smart entrepreneurs. MOTP franchisees have an extensive and successful background in business as well as the capacity to develop and manage teams that deliver high quality and performance. Following a tested system provides the best results and this is something that they understand. Franchisees are motivated and eager to create an established and well-known name that will last for years.

Being a MOTP franchisee means you’ll be one step ahead by using a business model that is proven to give you results. MOTP partners you with an efficient support group and you’ll also have training and technology tools that will aid you towards your success.

Running a MOTP service center has more benefits, unlike other retail businesses.


Have More Free Time

Our hours of operation are shorter compared to other retail stores, usually ranging from 7 AM to 7 PM. Work days are typically Monday to Saturday and shorter hours on Sunday from 10 AM to 6 PM. Business is closed on major Holidays.


Fewer Employees

Our locations do not require a high volume of employees, each center usually consists of 10 workers with full or part-time jobs.

Easy to Implement

You can create your business without worrying about having a large real estate property. Also, our business only requires a minimum amount of space for parking.


Lower Your Risk

Unlike other retail stores, you will have no perishable products to worry about. Your limited inventory and controlled access to cash help reduce theft and overstocking.


Simple Product List

We have a defined list of services which gives you a simple business strategy.

Worry Less About Volatility

Our business suffers less from an economy and seasonal changes compared to other retailers.


Get More with Our Advanced Technology

You can rest assured that at Morgas™ we will provide you with a knowledgeable team in technology, advertising, and software that will help you get your location going. Also, to make your work and management easier we offer full internet marketing campaigns, inventory and ops systems.


The MOTP Reputation

At MorGas™ Instant Oil Change, Tire & Parts we’ve had several years of success in the quick lube business, building on Golden Lubricants legacy in motor oil.


“Improve. Gas. Experience.”

These are three important works that we take into consideration every step of the way. We make sure to take care of our people, which include customers, employees, and franchisees. We all share a passion for cars, whether it’s driving the ultimate race car or servicing a customer vehicle which is a treasured investment. We are committed to providing the best service from start to finish.


MOTP Customer Satisfaction

Why do customers come to our locations again and again? We’ve attracted loyal customers thanks to our no-pressure approach combined with our fast oil change and knowledgeable staff to help guide customers to what they need. When you become part of our franchise you will get the tools and information you need to begin providing the same MOTP customer satisfaction every time.

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